Day 20 – what happy feels like

Just for a moment,

Not prolonged contentment.

That peaks and troughs

It comes and goes

It’s harder to define.


Happy comes from nowhere


It doesn’t have to fit the mood that’s settle deep within you

That lies under everything.


It can catch you off guard.

Take you away.

Remind you that it’s all going to be ok.


And it’s like sinking

Into bed

Or into a hot bath.


It’s putting on your favourite jumper

Coating yourself in warm.


It’s 5025600 minutes

And Love is Easy.

Jamie is over, and Jamie is gone,

But that’s ok.

Those chords wind their way around your heart

Pull on all those nostalgia strings

In the best way.


It’s letting out the breath you hadn’t realised you were holding

Because it had been so long.


Maybe happy isn’t the right word

Maybe the word is relaxed

And it says more about me

That I find it worthy of note.

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