Day 21 – Letter to My Future Self

Dear Tomorrow Hattie,


I’m sorry.


That apology might be unwarranted. You might be feeling just fine. But I’m going to take a guess that the last time you felt this awful was the night after the Robin Hood leaving do.


I have no defence. I should know better than to mix my drinks by now. I should know that I can’t match Matt drink for drink. I’ve never been able to and I shouldn’t even try. But I’m probably going to anyway. Because I’ve always been a sucker for a night out with the bulldogs, and it doesn’t happen very often.


At least you don’t have to go to work. And also, remember that I did some proper adulting today, and you should still be proud of us for that. I think going back to uni for a night to celebrate is totally acceptable.


I’ll try to leave a glass of water and some paracetamol by the bed for you.




Today Hattie

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