Day 28 – list of happy thoughts I had between 1.30pm and 4pm

Excellent! I have time for a smoothie.


I’m so excited.


I love these guys


It’s so nice to see Ed happy and loved up.


It’s 3 years since I did this to see Les Mis.


Things are so much better now.


I am sailing off to london I am accompanied by no one. Lol. That amused me.


Maybe I can go to covent garden.


I should pick up my ticket first.




Carrie was such a good Eponine.


I’m so excited.


This train looks fairly empty.


Maybe I’ll get a double seat to myself.


This country is so pretty.


The sun is great.


Oh god I miss you too, it’s all I ever do, I’m coming back to you, AND I WON’T LET GO AGAIN.


I love this song.


I’m content. With life. It’s pretty ok right now.


I might get through this whole journey with no one sitting next to me.




Oooooo he winked at her.


I like Joker.


He’s clearly going to be the mad hatter, and the love interest.


But I like him.


In my head he’s Greg from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.


Team Greg Forver.




What a hook.


We’re reliable with the LADIES.


I love this song.


It’s not acceptable to dance on this train right?


It’s definitely not acceptable to sing Lonely Island.


4 HOURS TO GO!!!!!


Victory! Finished that chapter in time.


Hey Paddington, long time no see.


Fuck, this show makes a whole new level of sense in a city like this.


I should see if my Mulligan is free.


I love it when people walking fast is the norm.


Ah so you discussed me, I’m a trust fund baby you can trust me. UGH. DAMN that line is scrummy.


I’m doing this timing thing well today.


I can totally do this.


I’m rocking it.


Go me.


Look at all the pretty posters for shows.


I love musicals.




Totally have been here before for Molly’s graduation, I can so do this.


These songs back to back is such a stroke of genius.

I want to do this, a story from different perspectives.


So much good smelling food. Nom.


I work in such a good place.


This is so close to the london eye.


It’s all so London-y.


How did I forget how much I love this city?




Oh my god. It’s here. I’m here. I’m doing this.


Fuck I’m so excited.


Yes Mr ticket man. It is a good seat.


I have the ticket, it worked.


Hattie Naylor’s play is in the national gift shop.


I want all these plays.

Look at them.

Calling me.

I want them.


It’s all so pretty.


And so many good food places.


I can’t stop smiling.
I should really do this more often.  

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