Day 30 – guilty pleasures scene

–              You have shit taste in music.

—             It’s not shit, it’s eclectic.

–              Eclectic? Is just a fancy word to convince yourself it isn’t shit.

—             Look, music is subjective. So you have no right to decide what is and isn’t shit.

–              Would you be embarrassed to play it in front of someone else?

—             It makes me happy when I listen to it.

–              But would you be embarrassed?

—             … I’m letting you look at it aren’t I?

–              Yeah, and I’m saying you should be embarrassed.

—             Alright hipster. Let’s look at your collection then. If you’re so cool.

–              Fine, I have nothing to be ashamed of.

—             Nothing?

–              Well there might be one or two guilty pleasures on there…

—             AHA! And why do you have those guilty pleasures?

–              Because they make me smile.

—             See. The difference is I don’t have the guilt.

–              Or the good music around the cheesy crap.

—             How dare you. Hamilton is good music. It’s hip hop. It won an Emmy.

–              Using musical theatre as your defence just proves my point.

—             Musical theatre is good!

–              Is it though?

—             Yes!

–              Mama Mia…

—             Is a jukebox musical and therefore doesn’t count.

–              That feels a little bit like cheating.

—             If I wanted Abba’s music on my ipod then I’d have Abba.

–              Do you have Abba?

–              Oh my god do you have Abba on here?!

—             Only a couple of tracks…

–              (Laughing) Of COURSE you have Abba. Your shuffle is like a wedding  DJs playlist.

—             Hey…

–              And not a good wedding DJ.

—             I would happily just put my phone on shuffle at my wedding.

–              You would.

—             I’d maybe take off some of the musicals first…

–              HA!

—             … but not because it’s bad music! Because it’s plot driven and that doesn’t work out of context in a shuffle!

–              Sure…

—             You’re the worst.

–              Like your taste in music.

–              Oh I’m sorry. It’s not bad really.

—             It’s fine. I know I’m not cool.

–              You were when I didn’t know you properly.

—             Thanks?

–              No I just meant… I thought you were cool. It’s why I wanted to hang out with you.

—             And then you did and learned the error of your ways.

–              And then I did and realised I like your uncool better.

—             It doesn’t exactly fit though does it.

–              Fit?

—             Well, with your whole indie hipster actually cool thing.

–              Sure it does. Besides, that’s all front. You know that.

—             Hmmm, I’m not sure.

–              Hi, remember what’s on my ankle?

—             Oh yeah. Loser.

–              Exactly.

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