Day 32 – 4 minutes of free writing on linguistics.

Language is so weird. Like, all of us have different languages – not just the people who speak words from different countries. And sure, to a certain extent it’s a cultural thing, but I think it’s more than that. I think a lot of the time it’s all down to the words we use – we mean the same thing we’re just choosing different words to express it and that’s probably the root of a lot of the issues in the world. Or at least a lot of the disagreements I can think of in my life. And you can never know what’s going on inside another person’s head, so really there’s no way to know if what means blue to you is the same thing that means blue to them, or if you use two different words to mean the same thing. And colours are simple, but I’m convinced that that’s true about faith or feminism.

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