Day 35 – The Mentalist and The Empath #1

Dear Mentalist,


I saw her today. Your partner. Is partner right? I’m not sure it accurately portrays your power dynamic. It implies that you’re equal,  that you both get to have an opinion with equal weight. That’s pretty hard to do when one person can control what the other person is thinking. And we both know you won’t let someone disagree with you if it stops you doing what’s “right for the greater good”.


It’s funny. I saw her, and that pang of hurt left over from you leaving hit me. Then I spoke to her. She told me what you’re doing, what your plans are. I realise now why you left.


I would have never let you get away with it.


How can you not see that what you’re doing is as bad as what they are doing? Maybe worse. You are not so blind in the pursuit of your ideals that you can’t see all of the people you are damaging, the lives you are ruining. You understand the consequence of your actions on the lives of others, but you’re going to do it anyway.


I thought about asking you nicely to stop. Reaching out to you as a friend. But I don’t believe that will work. So mark my words. If you don’t stop this, I will make you feel it. I will pour every second of the hurt you cause back into you. I will whisper the truth about you into your ear in your quietest moments. The dark, intimate, twisted truth that makes you hate yourself. I will dig up your deepest insecurities and feed them into your heart. You will live knowing that all of the things that keep you lying awake at night, questioning yourself, are true, and that someone else sees all of them. Sees all of them, and agrees.


I will make you feel, and it will destroy you.


The Empath

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