Day 36 – Sofa Cushions #2

I love you.



I said I love you.


I know.


Aren’t you going to say it back?




Why not? Don’t you love me?


You know I do.


Then why won’t you say it?


I’m late.


Why won’t you say it?


I shouldn’t have to say it every second of every day.


You don’t.


Yes. I do. If I have to say it whenever you say it, then I do.


Do you– Do you not want me to love you?


That is not what I said.


But you don’t want me to say that I love you.


I didn’t mean–


Which must mean something.


It just means that you say it a lot.


Because I feel it a lot and I want to tell you. Don’t you want to tell me when you feel it?


Of course I do. I–


Or– Oh. Oh, I see.




You don’t love me as much as I love you.




It’s okay. It makes sense. Of course you don’t. You–


Stop it. Stop it, you’re being crazy. We just work in different ways.


No. It isn’t that. When you love someone it fills you up all the time. You just look at them and you can’t think about anything except how much you love them. It hurts your heart how much you love them. It makes you ache. You just want to tell them all the time. That’s how I feel about you. But you don’t feel that way about me do you? God, how did I not see it sooner? Of course you don’t.You say that it’s just how your brain works, and we’re different, and you show it in a different way, but that’s not true. Everyone feels like this when they’re in love. Like, proper love. That’s why it’s in films, and songs, and it’s how I feel about you, but it isn’t how you’ve ever felt about me. God. I love you so much, but you just–


Don’t tell me how I feel.

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