Day 37 – Untitled

Empathy is sharing the feelings of another

But if I could feel this for you

So you didn’t have to hurt

Then I would

Soak up all your pain

Like a sponge in water


I wish

That I could wave a magic wand

Make him stay

Make her better

Make them understand

Close the hole that’s inside you

Make tomorrow seem bearable


My heart breaks for you

Over and over again

Wanting to sweep you up

Place you in a pile of pillows

Far away from real life


I so desperately want to find the right words

To tell you that I’m here

That I care

That I want to help

But there are none.


The words that I find look hollow

Too much or not enough

Too light or too heavy

They pull your attention to me

Slip into selfish


Your pain is not about me

I don’t want

To be another burden for your to carry

One more task on your to do list

When the last thing you need

Is to reply to me


I say nothing

Hoping against hope that you know

If you need me

If you reach out

I am here

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