Day 39 – Sofa Cushions #3 (I think)

–              What’s wrong?


—             What?


–              You haven’t said much.


—             Oh. Nothing.


–              Right.



–              Why won’t you tell me?


—             What?


–              What’s wrong.


—             Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine.


–              Fine.


There is something though. You think I don’t know when there’s something wrong?


—             There’s really nothing. I’m just tired.


–              It’s me isn’t it.


—             It is not you.



–              Just, tell me what I did and I’ll make it better.


—             You haven’t done anything.


–              Okay.


But if I had. Would you tell me?


—             Yes.


–              Really? You wouldn’t worry about upsetting me?


—             No.


–              Okay good.


—             Okay.


–              Are you sure there’s nothing wrong?

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