Day 56 – m & e #2



E: You can’t do that.

M: Why not?

E: Seriously?

M: Yeah. We both know it’s for the best.

E: Don’t try to tell me I agree with you.

M: But you do! You might not agree with the execution but you know it’s the result we need. The world needs. And if this is the only way to get it…

E: You don’t think it’s morally questionable?

M: As morally questionable as what would happen if they were in charge?

E: It’s not about the morals of what they will do, it’s about allowing people to make a choice. You can’t take that right away.

M: People are stupid. They will make the wrong choice. If we can do something to change that then isn’t it our responsibility? For the greater good.

E: You need to have more faith. They might prove you wrong.

M: You don’t really believe that.

E: I want to.

M: See.

E: And anyway, it doesn’t matter. It’s their choice to make – not yours. That’s democracy.

M: Democracy is a great ideal, but maybe the reality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

E: And a dictatorship is better is it?

M: With the right person in charge. Who has the right values. Maybe.

E: Who has the right values according to who? You?

M: I’m not saying I should be in charge–

E: But you would be. If you do this, whatever figurehead you put into political office, you are in charge.

M: We. We would be in charge. We’re in this together.

E: No. This is not a thing we are in together. 

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