Day 57 – Sofa Cushions #4

I feel like I never see you.


We live together.


So? That doesn’t change anything.


You’re the first thing I see when I wake up every morning, and the last thing I see at night.


But we never spend any time together.


We eat together, we sleep together. We spend all our time together.


That’s not proper time though.


What do you mean? What is “proper time”?


Time when we actually talk to each other. About things that aren’t bills or washing up.


We’re talking right now.


We’re arguing right now.


We aren’t arguing.


It feels like it.


We’ll we aren’t.


It feels like that’s all we ever do anymore.


How can it be if you never see me?


Don’t make a joke of this.


Well I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what you want from me.


I just want you.


I don’t think that’s true.


It is! I just want you, and to be happy. For things to be like they used to be.


Things change. That’s part of life. Things aren’t going to be like they used to be.

I haven’t changed.


Of course you have. We both have.


We… has they way you feel about me changed?


I didn’t say that.


You didn’t have to.


Don’t put words into my mouth.


Don’t avoid the question.


It’s a ridiculous question and I’m not going to answer it.


It is not a ridiculous question. The fact you won’t answer it makes it perfectly valid. Ask me the same thing. Go on. I’ll answer you straight away.


Stop. Stop pushing this.


I’m not pushing anything. I have a right to know. And the fact that you won’t answer and are still avoiding the question tells me everything I need to know really. It shouldn’t be a hard question to answer.  Do you feel the same about me? Do you even still want to be with me?


You know what? Right now, while you’re being like this, maybe I don’t.

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