Day 58 – Sofa Cushions fragment






What are you do–

I was thinking ab–




Sorry. You go.


No, it’s– What are you doing here?


I came to see you.




I wanted to.


You should have called first.


Oh, sorry. I–


No, sorry. It’s fine. I just… I’m kind of busy.


Oh. Of course.


I would have made myself free if I’d known earlier. But…


Yeah, Of course. I can go.


No, it’s–


–I should go.


No, that’s not what I meant.


It’s fine.


You don’t have to go.


I can come back later?


Are you– you don’t have to.


I want to. If. Do you want me to?


I– I should go back in.




I’ll see you later?


I’ll see you later.

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