Day 59 – George letter initial draft


Dear Mother and Papa,

I hope this letter finds you well. I have now been in German East Africa for a little over a week. The heat is remarkable, but verges on unbearable for the middle part of the day. It is both a lot like India and nothing like it. There is much more green, the trees remind me of home with their strength and beauty. I am sitting under one as I write this postcard in fact.

The local regiment have been very welcoming and are a lovely group of chaps. Some of the younger lads remind me a lot of my boys – none of whom are with me anymore, though I do still receive letters occasionally. I believe most that have survived this far are in Europe. After Will none of them had much desire to travel further afield.

Do you have news from Edgar? I haven’t heard from him for some time now. I do hope he’s well. I eagerly anticipate any and all news from home. I do miss it so. It seems that we are making progress – hopefully it won’t be long until the German’s admit defeat and all fighting will be over.  I enjoy military life – every day is a test of our camaraderie and bravery – but I look forward to coming home and getting back to my duties at the school, and seeing both of you.

Tomorrow we start the journey to Beho Beho, I fear the journey will be hot and unpleasant, but when we arrive I plan to cheer everyone by teaching the locals how to play rugby.

God bless England, and God bless you both.

All my love,


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