Day 64 – Bad Dates

So, how did it go? Tell me everything.


Everything? Really? Okay. Well. You know how I’d barely heard anything from him before?




And I thought he was meeting at the train station.




So my train pulls up, and I get off, and I can’t see him anywhere. I can’t see anyone waiting at all.




And 5 minutes pass. Still no sign. 10 minutes. I’ve been standing there 15 minutes when I get a message from him asking where I am.

Turns out he thought we were going to meet at the cafe, so he’d been sitting there for 15 minutes thinking I’d stood HIM up.

Oh bub. So did you go to him?


I tried to. He gave me directions from the station. But–


–you got lost didn’t you?


Yeah, a little bit.


Haha. Did you ever actually make it to the guy?


Eventually. But by the time I got there he only had about 20 minutes before he had to leave.


Oh god. Was it super awkward?


No actually. It was really nice. We had something to laugh about and it kind of broke the ice. Plus the cake was great. He asked to see me again.


And are you going to?


Yeah, I think so. I’ll wait a few days to tell him though. Got to play it cool.


Why? Why do you have to play it cool?


Because, that’s what you do.


But it’s stupid.


Everyone does it. If you don’t you look keen.


Why is that a bad thing? Why can’t we just tell each other how we feel?


Because… It’s weird.


Ugh. This is why I’m single isn’t it?



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