Day 70 – patchwork draft extract

It is a terrible catastrophe, but it is not our fault. The storm of war has broken. The conflict forced upon this country and France by a policy of brutal aggression has opened, and whether might or right is to prevail in Europe will be decided by the sword. The nightmare that has haunted so many of us year by year has become a lurid fact. Please God may it soon be over.


Men of Great Britain – your King and Country need you! Will you answer the call? At this very moment the Empire is on the brink of the greatest war in the history of the world. In this crisis your Country calls on you rally round the flag and enlist in the ranks of her army. Do something good,  raise your sights,  like boys always have and like all men should. It’s better to face the bullets that be killed at home by a bomb. Join the army today.

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