Day 71 – Father’s Day

Yes. I am a day late.


I have always felt guilty for publicly talking about my dad on Father’s Day. Or any day really. 1) It’s not really the type of thing we as a family do. And 2) I am aware that a lot of my friends, for one reason or another, don’t have a dad in their life (or at least not one they have a good relationship with). I worry that talking about my dad would be insensitive, and I don’t want to cause anyone pain.


I realise how unbelievably lucky I am.


Sure, my dad has his quirks. He’s a bit on the old fashioned side, and was always a bit stricter than my friends parents when I was growing up. But he is also unfailingly kind and generous. He has always supported me in everything I want to do and be. I couldn’t ask for more.


I don’t want the world to thing I don’t appreciate that. Like all things in life it’s a balance I’m trying to find, and not quite getting right yet.

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