Day 73 – John and Rev (musing)

–           Hello John


—          Oh, hello Reverend. I didn’t see you come in. I can go—


–           No. Please stay.


—          Okay.


–           I see you’ve been here a lot lately.


—          I suppose I have.


–           Seeking solace in the Lord?


—          Not really.



–           Oh?

—          Solace implies I find comfort. How can I expect someone who would allow all of this to happen to provide any sort of comfort or respite from it?


–           You are putting the limits of your human understanding onto God my son. Trust that he sees the bigger picture even when you can’t.


—          The bigger picture? It would have to be a pretty big picture to justify all this. This waste of life. Unless human life means nothing to him.


–           I understand your anger, but of course human life has meaning.


—          Well, I mean, it doesn’t really seem like it right now. Look at how many boys have died. And for what?


–           For the greater good.


—          What does that even mean?


–           We’re solidifying our future. We’re fighting for peace for our children and our children’s children. This was will end all wars.


—          And there isn’t another way to do that? God, in his infinite wisdom, can’t find another way to do that? He can’t just take out the part of humans that longs for bloodshed?


–           I’m sure he could. But he gave us free will.


—          If this is what free will means then I’d rather not have it.


–           Free will means you and I are able to have this conversation without being smote down.


—          Well that’s great. But if won’t bring my brother back will it?



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