Day 76 – Ernie and Katherine (extract)

Katherine      Edmund! Hello dear, what brings you to our doorstep? (back into the house) Ernie? Ernie! Come down here! It’s little Edmund from down the road! (to Edmund) Come in dear, come in, no need to stand out here all day.

Edmund             Thank you Mrs Green, but it’s only a quick call.

Katherine      That’s alright dear. (interior) Ernie! Come on! (to Edmund) How can we help you love?

Edmund              At school today we—

Ernie              (emerging from the house) What is it Katherine? I was trying to read the—Oh hello Edmund. What brings you here son? Come in why don’t you?

Edmund              Thank you Mr Green, but—

Katherine      He can’t come in Ernie, he’s only calling on us quickly. Now don’t interrupt. Carry on Edmund.

Edmund              Thank you. I was saying, at school today we got a letter from one of the boys in the navy, and he mentioned that they don’t get a lot of fruit out there on the boats. So we decided to take up a collection, and try and send some oranges out to them.

Katherine      Oh what lovely young boys! Such a wonderful idea! Isn’t it a wonderful idea Ernie?

Ernie              Yes, yes, wonderful. So what do you need from us.

Edmund              We were wondering if—

Katherine      They need oranges, obviously, don’t you dear? Ernie go inside and see what we have in the fruit bowl. (he does). I’m sure we have something we can give you dear.

Edmund              Thank you Mrs Green.

Katherine      So, has your father gone off to the war Edmund? He must have, he’s about the right age isn’t he? My younger brother left last month sometime. And of course you know that our little Jack has gone. Can scarcely believe he’s old enough but there yo—

Ernie              (returning with 3 oranges in hand) Here you go. It’s  not much but hopefully it’ll help. We all have to do our bit.

Edmund              Thank you ever so Mr Green. Mrs Green.

Katherine      You’re welcome Edmund dear. Good luck with it. Feel free to pop over and visit any time!

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