Day 78 – Boys in Egypt (extract)

The boys are getting to know each other.

Albert                         So, I says to her, “sorry Miss, but your horse seems to be a cow!” Ha ha!

Will                             My word Albert, you do get into some scrapes!

Albert                         Well we can’t let you city boys have all the fun can we now?

Will                             I wouldn’t exactly call Larkhall the height of city living. We’re fairly out in the sticks.

Cecil                           Next to Bath though aren’t you.

Will                             Well, yes. That we are.

Cecil                           My Uncle went to Bath once. Said he dipped his toe in the waters, like the Romans used to. Healing powers he said those waters have.

Will                             They’re meant to, yes.

Albert                         I heard that was only if you drink them. You ever drunk them Will?

Will                             Course I have. Everyone has.

Albert                         What do they taste like?

Will                             Well, they’re warm for a start.

Cecil                           Like a nice cup of tea?

Will                             No. More like a glass of something you’ve left out in the sun for too long.

Albert                         Sounds vile.

Will                             It is. And the taste isn’t unlike that of a bag of rusty pennies.

Cecil                           Because of all the coins!

Albert                         All the what?

Cecil                           When people go and visit the baths, they make a wish and throw a coin in. The Goddess – Mim, Mips, something or other – is meant to grant them.

Will                             Minerva. The Goddess Minerva.

Cecil                           Yeah. That.

Albert                         And that’s what comes out of your taps down there is it? Warm, rusty penny water?

Will                             No, of course not. We have normal drinking water come out of our taps. And we make the best buns in the country.

Albert                         Strong words there Connett.

Will                             I stand by them. There’s nothing quite like a Bath Bun. With lashings of butter and jam.

Cecil                           Mmm. Sounds delicious.

Albert                         What I wouldn’t give for a bit of butter.

Will                             On some fresh bread.

Cecil                           With a little bit of cheese.

Albert                         Some ham.

Will                             Or pickle.

Cecil                           Pickled onions from the fish and chip shop.

Albert                         A nice bit of battered cod.

Will                             A cone of chips in drippin’.

All                               Mmmm.

Cecil                           I don’t even need that much. I’d be happy with school dinners.

Albert                         I’d be happy to just be back at school, with the lads.

Will                             Half of the lads from my school are off in Europe.

Albert                         Only half?

Will                             The other half are in India.

Cecil                           Ooo. India. They have good tea there.

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