Day 83 – travelling letters (cheaty extract cos it’s getting cut…)

John Dear Mother and Father,

Well, this is it. Off we go! So long to Salisbury Plane and home, and onward to Europe/


Will /onward to the sunny planes of Africa! I’m not sure yet where exactly we’ll be posted when we land, but Captain hinted that we may have some mummies on our side! You know how I have always wanted to see the pyramids, so I’m jolly excited by the thought of fighting in Egypt. Serving my country while exploring foreign lands – I really am the lucky one aren’t I?!

I miss John already though. It is a terrible shame that we boys have been spilt up/


George /shame that the boys have been split up. I should very much have liked to see them all through the war – keep a protective eye over them. Through my time at the school and seeing them through training I have become quite fond of them and do so hope they get on well. I’m quite sure they will. They are an able group of lads, if a little full of the folly of youth sometimes. They are almost sure to be some of the youngest of our countries brave soldiers, but are such a likeable bunch I have no doubt that they will be taken under the wings of the older chaps.

I was relieved to note that Reggie is among the group posted to India with me. He’s a strapping lad, which makes it easy not to notice how young he truly is. I wonder regularly if I should send him home, but he is so determined, and his heart is so set on doing his bit/

Reggie /doing my bit. I’m making a difference. And I’m good at it. You should have seen me at training camp. Twice as fast as most of the other men. I promise I’ll make you proud of me/

Charlie /make you proud of me. I’m quite over my shock now – though when you told me you were a girl, you could have knocked me down with a feather! I never would have thought it from seeing you in action. You would have made a far better soldier than me, and it just goes to show that not letting girls fight is a stupid rule. I am sorry that you can’t be by my side while/

Vida /sorry I can’t be by your side while you sit in the trenches. Write often, I want to hear every detail so I can imagine that I’m there with you. Already I’m looking for ways to be part of the war effort here at home. I refuse to stand idly by while so many of our boys risk their lives for/

Mrs Townsend /for queen and country. It is such an honour to have three brave, selfless boys as my sons. I am proud of every single one of you. Look after each other. Your father is quite sick with jealousy that/

Theo /sick with jealousy that I can’t join you. Mother says it’s for the best. That I can join when I’m older. But it will all be over by the time I’m old enough! I have to wait a whole 6 months! I sat on the bridge yesterday and watched the train of past, full of Tommies off to/

Ed /full of Tommies off to sea. We made quite the sight. And the boat. Boys if only you could see the size of the boat I am on! You would be quite blown away. The mess hall alone is easily the size of our lunch hall – though imagine trying to get through that while being buoyed by choppy waters! Some of the army lads get very easily sea sick. Not me though. I love life on the waves. It is quite jolly. The only thing I have to complain about it the utter lack of fresh food. I haven’t seen a vegetable or a piece of fruit since I stepped food off land! /

Miss Perrin /It is quite jolly. The only thing I have to complain about it the utter lack of fresh food. I haven’t seen a vegetable or a piece of fruit since I stepped food off land! What I wouldn’t give…

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