Day 90 – After

I’m taking it.



I said okay.

You’re just going to let me.

You want it.

You’re not going to fight me for it?

No. You want it. You can have it.

But. Don’t you want it?

It doesn’t matter. If you want it, I’m not going to stop you.

But it’s ours. It’s a joint endeavour and if anything it’s a bit more yours than mine.

Maybe it used to be, but not anymore. And that doesn’t matter.

Why doesn’t it matter?

I’m not going to stop you. If you want it, it’s yours.

What about the rest of them? What if I want them too?

You can have them.

Just like that?

I’m trying to make this easier.

Easier? For me?

I’m trying to be nice.

It would be easier for me if you were being a dick.

It… I’m not going to do that.

Of course you’re not. Because you’re not a dick. And also because what you’re actually

doing is trying to assuage your guilt. Which makes it easier for you.

Why can’t it make it easier for both of us? You get what you want, and I feel less guilty.

This is not me getting what I want. Don’t try to kid yourself that it is.

I didn’t mean that. You know what I meant.

It doesn’t even matter. I wouldn’t be able to look at it without you anyway.

Me neither.

What do we do then? Just, get rid of it all completely?

Maybe we put it away for now. Come back to it in a few years. When things feel different.

If we can.

I think we can. Just give it time.

You have more faith than me.

Nothing lasts forever. Let’s just weather it and see what happens.

It would be easier if you were a dick.

I know. Sorry.

That’s ok. I should go.

Are you going to take them?

No. Leave them where they are for now.

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