Day 92 – Pushing Myself

“Push yourself

It’s good for you

To get out of your comfort zone a little.”



I appreciate the advice

I know your heart is in the right place

You really want to help


But some days

(Like today)

Pushing myself

Stepping out of my comfort zone

Is as simple as getting out of bed

Eating something

Leaving the house

Having this conversation right now.


Other days I can handle more

That might be your confusion.

But please don’t think

At 25 years old

I don’t know where my limits are

I don’t know when to push

And when to pull back

When the strain is good

And when it might break me


Please just trust me

To know myself

And listen to what I’m telling you

When I say it’s enough.

It’s not being weak

Or lazy

It’s self-preservation

Keeping myself afloat


Which some days

(Like today)

Takes all that I have.

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