Day 93 – To my best friend

I will never love a boyfriend like I love you

The man I one day marry won’t have settled in my soul

Over years, and tears, and dark and light

Quite the way that you have.


I will never love a girlfriend like I love you

No woman will ever provide the whisper in my head

Words of empowerment, strength, of love

Quite like your voice does


I will never love a cat like I love you

All of the felines that will fill my years and coat me

With pieces of themselves I take with me

But none as many as you.


I will never love myself like I love you – but you know that already.

The fact you like me, that you endure through

my bullshit and annoyances

Is one of my best qualities


I will never find the words to thank you

You have moulded and shaped and challenged

Every facet of my being

From my faith, to my politics, to my sense of humour


You have saved me

A million different ways, a million different times

Some more recent, more frequent

Than either of us would like


You’ve never told me to stay strong

Or pushed me too far for fun

You’re the only place I feel completely valued and secure

No ghost of doubt in our relationship


I will never get bored of you

You are a conversation that never stops, a dialogue I always want to be part of

The part of my story I am proud to tell

Sure of a happy end


Change is inevitable

I’m sure (I hope) that one day I will have

Someone else I reach to

When I’m falling off the edge


But even when that happens

There you’ll be, seeing it all and understanding

A chosen, constant presence

Intertwined with my life.


And this

Doesn’t even begin to sum up

How infinitely important you are

Have been, will be

No matter how far away

How hard the trip

You are the reason I am stand today

As the woman I am

And if you like her

I trust your judgement

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