Day 95 – Games

Right, but it’s not funny though is it?


It is. You just don’t get it.


I understand the concept of the joke.


Okay then–


–Actually, I don’t. Like, teasing I get, but this is just mean.


It’s not meant to be.


Really? What is it meant to be then?




Think about where that humour comes from though. It’s not well crafted wordplay, or observation, or anything that’s required any really thought. It’s picking away at someone until you induce a breakdown. How is that funny?


It isn’t that. You’re being dramatic.


It is that though. It literally is that.


You’re taking it too seriously. You need to lighten up.


And ruin all the fun you have trying to stress me out?


You like to wind people up too.


There’s a line


And I crossed it?


Not just you, but yeah you did. It’s been everyone’s favorite game for too long and it isn’t fun.


But you make it so easy.


Have you ever considered that that’s a sign that I’m not okay and you need to stop pushing me?


You know it’s not serious though.

Not right now I don’t. And why do that to someone you like? Why intentionally hurt someone you care about? The fact it’s easy surely means you should stop, not keep going. Because I’m sick of it. It’s not a fucking fun game and I wish people would just fucking stop it.


I’m sorry. I didn’t–


Of course you didn’t. Because you didn’t fucking think.


It’s fine. We both know in a week I’ll be ok enough to pretend again, and you’ll have forgotten this conversation, and it will be a fun game again.  

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