Day 99 – Sofa Cushions #5

I don’t know how to do this.



A conversation?


So far you seem to be managing it.

No, I mean. A normal conversation.



What do you mean?

Like – what am I allowed to say? What’s too far, too much information? For a new person.


I don’t want you to think I’m crazy.

Maybe don’t tell me that.


First sign of a crazy person, trying not to look crazy.

I, uh… I don’t want you to think it though.

Too late.

I guess I am though. Is that over sharing?

A little.

Should I stick to asking about work? The weather?

Do you want to talk about those things?

Not really.

Don’t then.

What can I talk about?

There aren’t really hard and fast rules.

This is weird, isn’t it? You think I’m weird.

It’s still endearing.

It is?

If you keep going that will wear off.

Oh, sorry.

Don’t be.


I’m better when you get to know me.

I’m sure you are.

It’s just the getting to know me bit, working out the boundaries and limits, I…

You aren’t so great at it.

I’m a bit much.

I’ll power through.

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