Day 100 – The End

I’m not sure what to say. I feel like I should have something big and impressive planned to mark the end of these 100 days, but I don’t. I tried a few times to think of something, but nothing ever really came to me. So let’s take stock I guess. Put a marker down.


The past 100 days have been a weird combination of up and down, in a way I really wasn’t expecting. I don’t feel massively comfortable putting the ups and downs and  honesty that isn’t thinly veiled by fiction that in a place people can access at the moment. I want to guard and hide myself, and that feels a lot like it contradicts this process. Being vulnerable has become more of a fight – which I wasn’t expecting. 100 days is a really long time, which I also wasn’t really expecting. The last 20 days have been such a push, and I think it shows, but then again they’ve gone a lot faster. Reading back over these things in the future will be fascinating, to see if I can track the mood I was in when I wrote each piece, if it affects what I think of it.


My first play is being performed tomorrow (a nicely timed bookend), which is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. It’s very specific to the project it’s part of, but it was good to learn how I write to a brief/deadline, and I think it does what it needs to do. There are some moments in it I’m really proud of. There are others that didn’t make it in that I will revisit. I don’t think it’s something that would have happened if it wasn’t for doing these 100 days.


I’m not totally sure where I’ll go next. There are 3 potential plays that have kind of come out of this, so I’d like to try and get those down on paper (one at a time, so I can actually focus). I want to go back to an adaptation that’s been in the back of my mind forever. Try and finally get through that. I want to stop, and take stock, and let my brain do what it needs to do without trying to squeeze something out of it every day. I’ll probably do a better sum up when I’ve had time to do that.


This blog won’t die. It will be like the Doctor, it will regenerate into something new that might look similar to what it is now, or might radically change everything about itself and piss off a load of men. It might do a bit of both.


Thank you for reading anything you have. That you for the likes and the comments. They really do mean a lot. I hope some things have meant something to some people. If you have a thought or opinion on what worked, what didn’t, ideas on what I should carry on with and scrap then I’d really like to hear it.


All this said, I’ll probably end up writing something tomorrow, because it’s habit now isn’t it? But man, it’ll be nice to not have the pressure of sharing it.


100 days done

Journey isn’t the right word

Still – time to stop, rest.

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