Day 95 – Games

- Right, but it’s not funny though is it?   -- It is. You just don’t get it.   - I understand the concept of the joke.   -- Okay then--   - --Actually, I don’t. Like, teasing I get, but this is just mean.   -- It’s not meant to be.   - Really?… Continue reading Day 95 – Games

Day 92 – Pushing Myself

“Push yourself It’s good for you To get out of your comfort zone a little.”   Thanks I appreciate the advice I know your heart is in the right place You really want to help   But some days (Like today) Pushing myself Stepping out of my comfort zone Is as simple as getting out… Continue reading Day 92 – Pushing Myself

Day 91 – getting to know Crow

I woke to find Crow sitting on my chest The weight of him bearing down through me.   “You snore” He said. As I shifted his form off me and sat up Trying to shake the pressure from my ribs Feeling it drop down to my stomach Displacing and pushing bile up my throat.  … Continue reading Day 91 – getting to know Crow

Day 86 – Psycrowsis

Crow circles overhead, Flaps his wings, And great gusts of her smell fly up Through the nostrils Down into the lungs, the heart Filling with aching pain, stabbing Like a beak through the centre.   He lands on the shoulder Digs his talons in And laughs “Why are you holding your breath?”